The dogger lover

An old funny picture of Toffee ^^
Fudge is just too nice sometimes :p
both of them think they're lap dogs... Mostly Fudge, but she's small enough for that. Though Toffee is a bit heavier :D
Toffee sleeps funny sometimes XD
Such a cuddly dog
I had to put in my little ram, Moody. He's too cute, and so tiny
Toffee does love to put any body part on my face...
No reall, I'm not joking! XD If you lie down next to her she will probably end up with a leg or her head on you
Toffee, Emma's dog
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Hi! my name is Emma, I'm 19 and I am both French and British.
I have grown up in France with my cat TC that passed away when I was 15. After that when I was 11 we got our first dog! His name was Fiasco. We got him from a hunting stables where my mother works. He was a very cute 7 month old puppy when we got him. After a few months of having him, we had to go to England to see our family there. We decided we could leave him where he had come from so he wouldn't forget about his doggy family. Unfortunately when we came back we discovered that our little Fiasco had run away in the forest to hunt with his fellow dogs but never came back.
After almost a year, we decided that we wanted a dog again, that's where we got Toffee ^^! We got her from a local refuge and have had her ver since. Despite having battle wounds from hunting in the woods and getting hit by a car, she's still a very happy and excited dog.
And last year, in end of September, a dog showed up in our garden. We live in the country side, with closest towns quite a few miles away. This dog would not let us approach her! But I persisted, I slowly, very slowly came up to her and managed to make her understand that I only wanted to give her love. After that she started following me everywhere! We checked for a chip or tattoo but she didn't have either. We even put out an advert but no one answered. Soooo we kept her! she is now called Fudge, to go with Toffee ^^

Dog Walking Rate £8 / hour
City London
Address Avery Hill Road
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Outdoor areas No