Family Dog Care

Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £26
Holiday Rate £29
Doggy Day Care No £20
Holiday Rate £23

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

We are a close knit family with plenty of love in our hearts to welcome your dog in to our home or to offer regular walking. We believe in treating dogs like part of the family and smother them in love and affection. In fact many have said we treat them like little humans!! They have the freedom of the whole house and garden at all times and get at least one good walk a day. We recognise that it can be a big decision leaving your dog with someone as they are so precious but rest assured that we will follow all your pet care routines and your dog will be made to feel like part of our family whilst you are gone. We'll even text you photos and videos if you like!!

Dog Boarding Rate
£26 / night
Doggy Day Care Rate
£20 / day
City Christchurch
Address Peppercorn CloseBH23 3BL Christchurch
Type of property House
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size 20 m²
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs