Happy Place called Home

Looked after this beautiful Yorkshire Terrier called Muffin
Looked after this lovely Japanese Splitz
Nanuq, Isabelle's dog
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding £40 / one-way. Maximum distance: 40 km £16
Holiday Rate £18
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 10 km
Holiday Rate £13

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

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I currently live in High Wycombe with easy access to different parks including the Rye and a park near my house. I have a male German Shepherd which I walk twice a day and will be the same with other dogs that is in my care. My German Shepherd is very friendly to any types of dogs. I’m experienced in taking care both large and small dogs.

Dog Boarding Rate £16 / night
Dog Walking Rate £10 / hour
City High Wycombe
Address Deeds Grove
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs