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About Katrina

I am a third year veterinary student in Edinburgh whose missing my own dogs at home and I'm ready to give all my love to yours! Living right by the lovely green Meadows gives me the perfect opportunity and location to fuss over your dog and go for lots of long walkies. I also really enjoy hiking up to Arthur's seat and strolling around Hollywood park and would love to take a companion! I speak Spanish, Russian and some French so can make the international pets feel a bit better when their owners are away! In the past I have worked in several kennels, including the Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home, with all sizes and types of dogs. I've owned pets my entire life and although I have lots of experience, there's always a benefit in gaining more!! Look forward to meeting you and your pet!

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Total size of outdoor area: 10 m²

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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I can administer oral medication
I can administer injected medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters


2 reviews

Once again, a very chilled & happy dog!

Katrina took excellent care of my puppy, I would definitely go to her again.


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