Excited dog sitter in Greenwich area

I'm a caring and loving person that is obsessed with dogs!
My cousin's dog and I ❤️
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 10 km
Holiday Rate £13

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

I'm from Portugal an currently studying Events management in Greenwich, London and I'm looking for a fun and fulfilling flexible job. I'm a huge dog lover and enthusiast. I'll take care of your dog like it's my own, with all the love and care possible. I've had 2 dogs in my life, which I've helped care for and cherish. I'm currently not able to own my own but it's my top goal on my bucketlist. I do believe that any dog is a cute dog no matter size, fur, bread or look. I hope we'll get to know each other in the future!
( I can speak: Portuguese, English, German and a I'm improving my Spanish. Feel free to talk to me in any of those languages)

Dog Walking Rate
£10 / hour
City London
Address Welland StreetSE109ED London
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas No