Dog lover in Birmingham!

walking Mong and Pepper
Pepper and Mong
MomoB (my friend's Golden Retriever)
Bing from the dog shelter
Jersery from the dog shelter
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £20
Holiday Rate £25
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 3 km
Holiday Rate £12
Doggy Day Care No £15
Holiday Rate £20

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

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Hi, I am Natalie. A 19 year old international student from Hong Kong studying Education at the University of Birmingham. I grew up with dogs. When I was little, we owned a medium-sized Pomeranian. However, it passes away when I was 10. We got another dog when I was 12. His name is Mong, he is a 7 years old medium-sized brown Poodle. Recently another member joined our family. She is Pepper, a small black Poodle whose 4 years old. We adopted her from a friend of my dad's. I always spend time to walk them after school.

Besides, I volunteered at a dog shelter in Hong Kong. My job there was to clean the cages of the dogs and walk them one by one. And then I get to play with them and keep them company.

Moreover, I use to sit a Golden Retriever as a favour for my friend, so the size of the dogs would not be a problem.:)

Dog Boarding Rate
£20 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£10 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£15 / day
City Birmingham
Address Warwards LaneB29 7QR Birmingham
Type of property House
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size