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I love animals, as a kid I had couple of hamsters, then few fishes, however, as a student, I am traveling and moving quite a lot, therefore I do not own any pets at the moment. I think they would be exposed to unnecessary stress and inconvenience. I love dogs especially as they are just so honest and friendly - they are men’s best companion indeed!

Currently, I am studying Master degree in Traditions of Yoga and Mediation at SOAS. I would like very much to help pet owners with taking care of their loved ones, and myself spend some time with dogs, which unfortunately, as I live at the student’s hall of residence, I cannot have at the moment.

I am very flexible timings, available for daily, weekends and holiday arrangements.

Do not hesitate to contact me

A bit more about pets and me:

When I was in New York, my flatmates had a dog and a cat. I have been looking after them, walking the dog in the evening, and looking after the cat, when my flatmates went on ten days holiday. The cat was adopted from a shelter, and he didn’t have parts of the fur, as he was abused by the previous owners, therefore he was very cautious and even aggressive to almost everyone.
My flatmates were really surprised, when after a coupe of days, and especially after their holiday this cat was going after me everywhere, his fur grew back and I was one of the very few people, who he allowed to stroke!

Also, every time I walk in the park or on the street, all the dogs always come to me, to stroke them. The owners are always unnecessarily apologetic for their loved ones.
I have never had a situation that any pet would be aggressive or unfriendly towards me.

Dog Walking Rate
£11 / hour
City London
Address Park Village EastNW1 3SX London
Type of property Apartment
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