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Dog Boarding No £10
Holiday Rate £13

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My name is Kenya Eastoe. I'm Canadian living in Dalry with my dog Charlie. I have looked after dogs my whole life, and having just one around the house seems weird to me. Although I have no formal experience with dog handling, I do have common sense. I can handle very pull-y dogs, loud dogs, dogs with special diets, puppies, elders - everything! I would love to house sit any dog, teeny or giant, that would have me. Charlie is high energy and loves going on walks, so walking would be a very big part of our day. I would be willing to pick up, and drop off dogs in my care - within reason. Open to accepting holiday stays/overnights, but this would have to be discussed beforehand. I will not accept any dogs that is not chipped or up-to-date on jags. Neutered would be preferred but not mandatory. I charge on a case-by-case basis (occurrence, hourly, multiple dogs, or on needs of individual dog). Would prefer cash, but willing to arrange bank transfer.

Please do not hesitate to email or text me with any further questions/inquiries!



Dog Boarding Rate
£10 / night
City Edinburgh
Address / Henderson Terrace