Little house of love cuddles and belly rubs !!

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Dog Boarding No £28
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Hello, my name is Norah, I'm 20 years old. I've always loved pets. I've lived in Dubai my whole life and always had dogs. From having puppies to older dogs, so i've got quite a lot of knowledge when it comes to taking care of them. I moved to London two years ago for my education and i've always wanted to have a dog/cat. I used to live in an apartment so i didn't think it was fair for my fur-baby to stay with me as there wasn't enough space for him/her to run and have fun. I've just moved into a house in South Kensington, where there's a lot of space for him/her to be able to move around, i've got a little park in front of my house, and tend to do a lot of walking around the area. I wanted to get a pet of my own, but as i travel a lot and can't take him/her with me, i don't think it's the best idea as i would have to have to put him/her in a hotel for dogs/cats, where i know they're not going to take of him with love and attention. I absolutely love cuddling and playing with animals and they're the perfect company, so that's why i'm singing up to be a pet sitter/walker.I understand that it's a bit hard to trust someone new with your babies but i can assure you i will take care of them and give them as much love and attention as if they were my own, i will constantly update you with pictures and video to let you know what we're up to. Just a little information about my house, we're on the lower ground/basement. There's no wooden floors, which means if there's a mess it would be easy to clean. Kitchen and tv room are open space so there's no restrictions for a play area. Since I'm a student, I'm available on Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday full days. I also might be available during the other days of the week in the afternoon. We can always get in contact and discuss as i am flexible with my schedule and as i'm not doing this for the money but for the cuddles and love of dogs/cats i am flexible with my rate as well. Please feel free to contact me at anytime of the day.

Dog Boarding Rate
£28 / night
City Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea
Address A Courtfields Garden