Walks at nearly any time from a flexible dog lover

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Having grown up with two springer spaniels, I have plenty of experience walking dogs, albeit not other people's as of yet. However, I absolutely love dogs and I look forward to giving your best friend the good long walk that they deserve, whether morning, afternoon or night. As a recent graduate who is living in Sheffield over the summer due to my upcoming Masters in September, I have no schedule and so am able to offer walks at nearly any time of day. I am a very active person and like a good cardio workout, so if you have a particularly energetic dog I can also offer to incorporate a jog or run into the walk to give them a bit of an extra run.

Please Note: I would prefer to only take a single dog on a walk at any one time, however depending on the size of dog, walking a second dog may also be possible

Dog Walking Rate
£15 / hour
City Sheffield
Address Moor End Road