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I think dogs are simply the best. I'm absolutely crazy about them and if i'm out with a friend and a dogs walks by any conversation immediately stops because my attention switches to the dog. Dogs make me happy, i love playing with them, walking and just generally be around them. I owned a dog for 15 years before we had to put her down due to health issues. And i soooo wish i could have a dog myself again but its not exactly realistic atm which is why i want to walk dogs and spend time around them. I used to have a cat as well but no matter how great he is its just not the same. I dont have any degrees/certificates but I feel absolutely comfortable with dogs, even those i meet for the first time. I've babysitted my aunty's dogs for a few days several times (a gorgeous jack russel ) and once stayed with a Labrador while the owner was away for the weekend.

Dog Walking Rate
£15 / hour
City Manchester
Address Montcliffe CrescentM16 8GR Manchester