Cheerful dog lover + walker in London

This is my dog back home - Spikey!! She's our family babe (she's even our family groupchat image icon)
This is when I dogsat my friend's dog, Honey. She's so sweet, and had great fun with the little drizzle during the day!
Probably borderline strange photo, but I won't say no if any dog, especially Spikey, wants to snuggle!
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Hi! My name is Angela/Angie and I'm a student who absolutely loves animals, especially dogs (and horses, but you can't walk those - not in London at least). I've lived in London for over 2 years so I know how to get around, and in more recent years, ever since my family and I got a dog, I've also had a lot of experience with walking and taking care of dogs to ensure their utmost happiness! Whenever I have the chance to spend time with our take care of a dog I always jump at the opportunity!

I'd be so happy if I could walk and play with your furry companion!! I have experience of walking both very small and very large dogs :)

Look forward to hearing from you!

Dog Walking Rate
£9 / hour
City London
Address Weybridge HouseN4 1QJ London
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas No