Lords of Dogtown

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I'm Alex McIntyre, 25 years old and have lived in Bristol for two years. I adore dogs and cats of all shapes and sizes but, due to shared living I am unable to be a pet owner myself. I've just finished a really intensive dog rescuing experience in the Algarve, saving animals who have been stolen by local gypsies as well as caring for the myriad of dogs owned by the local homeless and passing travellers. I worked closely with a friend who has lived in Lagos for two years and we helped to rehome many dogs, caring for them in the mean time and giving them a new lease on life. This was totally voluntary and I now want to help out and be amongst canines whenever I can, it has become a real passion.
I will take your dogs to some of my favourite to run around and let off some steam: Eastville Park, Greenbank Cemetery, Snuff Mills, Oldbury Court. I like to see myself as being conscious of each dogs individual needs and behaviours as well as their owners usual routines and techniques.

Dog Walking Rate
£15 / hour
City Bristol
Address Camelford RdBS5 6HW Bristol