Experienced dog care & peace of mind

Auryn, Claire's dog
Aramis, Claire's dog
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £25
Holiday Rate £28
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: km
Holiday Rate £18

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

I am an experienced dog handler (full time DBS checked teacher) who works as a dog sitter during the School Summer and other holidays. I have successfully completed an animal First Aid and CPR course.
I have rehomed several dogs from rescue charities such as Tia Greyhound & Lurcher rescue and the Retired Greyhounds Trust. Currently, I have two dogs, a friendly retired greyhound, named Auryn and a rescued 'Jerry Green ' grey, Aramis. We usually walk in nearby Alfreton Park but there are also safe fields and common land a short walk away Our garden is large, organic with secure wooden 6ft fences, ideal for dog sitting sighthounds! There are lots of mature trees for shade so plenty of cool spots for dogs to relax, even during the hot Summer months. Decor is relaxed as this is a very dog friendly home and dogs use sofas and chairs etc. I only pet sit during the School holidays and weekends, but being at home during this time, means your pets have my full attention and care.
The local Alfreton Vets is a five minute drive away and offers 24/7 'Vets Now' call out care in case of emergencies. Both of my dogs are fully insured, vaccinated and also have kennel cough vaccine/spray to protect visiting guests.

Also an allotment holder, with an interest in growing organically, this means I often bake home-made dog treats with honey and organic vegetables as an additional treat during the Summer months when produce is available.

Whilst I'm a houndie person, I have no breed prejudices - dogs respond to pack leadership and loving but firm training and my boys are friendly with dogs of all shapes and sizes. I DO prefer that dogs are responsibly neutered/spayed and are up to dates with healthcare and vaccincations however.

Dog Boarding Rate
£25 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£15 / hour
City Alfreton
Address Byron AvenueDE55 7JZ Alfreton