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Village Way Hightown, L38 9EH, Liverpool
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About Amelia

I have had dogs my whole life, I’ve been through the whole journey from puppies to saying goodbye. I loved animals that much that I volunteered at three separate animal shelters as a teenager, and have now gone on to do a degree in Zoology. I have a huge heart and believe that animals should be treated with the same respect and love that we treat our families and friends. I live in a small village right on the coast with access to nature walks, sand dunes and a small private beach that my dog absolutely loves. A typical day would include a walk along the beach in the morning, playing and chilling around the house.

Amelia's dogs

Labrador Retriever·Size L·7 Years

Amelia's home

Total size of outdoor area: 200 m²

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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs
I can administer oral medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters


3 reviews

Excellent and friendly towards Willow when we arrived was kept updated while she was there,and when we picked her up she was in a very good mood and relaxed would recommend Amelia to anyone will be asking her again to mind Willow as she had a great time.

Thank you so much Amelia. Dezzy had an amazing time with you. He has slept since he got home so he has very clearly been kept busy! Very professional, highly experienced and friendly service. Dezzy and i will 100% be using your service again 🙂

Amelia is amazing, very friendly and kind hearted! Thank you so much for looking after Dolly at such short notice - we felt really comfortable with Amelia and knew she would look after our Dolly as her own (which she did) Thanks again - would 100% recommend!!


Village Way Hightown, L38 9EH, Liverpool

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