Cuddles and Love for all Paws!

Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding £3 / one-way. Maximum distance: 2 km £15
Holiday Rate £15
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 2 km
Holiday Rate £7
Doggy Day Care £3 / one-way. Maximum distance: 2 km £10
Holiday Rate £10

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My name is Bita! I study at the University of Glasgow in my third year now and am from Germany. My courses allow me to be home a lot and study online so that I would be perfectly available to be with a dog the whole day to go for walks or play with it, I usually enjoy spending about 5 hours actively with the dog on top of checking and feeding it. I live in a big open flat with my flatmates who also very much enjoy dogs so that at any point the dog has enough space and always has someone to who is looking after it. We also do not have a problem with the dog sleeping in our rooms on the couch or in the kitchen.
My flatmates and me have experience with dogs and small animals like rabbits from when I lived at home in Germany and I still get to see them over vacations. Since I go back over summer having an own dog won’t work for me. I have had dogs myself at home Germany, therefore I can assure you I know how to love and care for your dog appropriately, I also have experience with puppies and old dogs. With my passion and time for dogs, I could be of great help to someone else with a dog who might need a hand or does not have enough time for a puppy, so that all 3 of us are happy (you, me and the pet).
I like to take care of dogs since I am really passionate about them and love to cuddle and play with dogs and teach them tricks. Further due to the nature of my studies I have a lot of free time and since I live next to Kelvingrove Park, taking dogs for long and short walks out would be ideal. I can spend anywhere between 15 minutes to an 1 hour in the park with the dog and go between two to four times during the day. Since there are lots of dogs in Kelvingrove, I really enjoy letting the dogs play with each other when they harmonise. Other than that, we have toys in the flat dogs love to play with and in general not much stuff laying around which would be trouble for a dog.
I would love to do this job only due to my love for dogs!

Dog Boarding Rate
£15 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£7 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£10 / day
City Glasgow
Address Woodlands Rd
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size 500 m²