Home from Home

Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £22
Holiday Rate £25
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 15 km
Holiday Rate £12
Doggy Day Care No £15
Holiday Rate £15

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

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We live in a detached property with a secure back garden, CCTV inside and out so we can always see what's going on. In our home there is myself, my husband and our 2 children aged 8 and 3. I am a home maker so around all day to care for your pets.

We've owned 4 dogs and until recently we had a corgi chihuahua cross but once she left us we made the difficult decision not to get another until our hearts have healed. This has allowed me to open our home to day care and dog boarding so we can still get our doggy fix and the children can continue to have animals in the home. They are very dog savvy and have experience with rescue dogs. We have specific experience with Lurchers, Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, King Charles Spaniels.

When your dog comes to stay with us they will be shown nothing but love, kindness and affection. We treat everyone how we wish to be treated ourselves. They will have free roam of downstairs in the kitchen diner and front room with a choice of 3 sofas. They can come upstairs of a night if that is what they would do at home. I follow your routine with regards to feeding and any medications and all dogs will enjoy a minimum of 2 walks a day unless for any reason they need less. I do dog walks on fields by the house, Brookfield Park, the beach and south downs. If there is a specific area you want me to walk your dog please let me know as I am always happy to fulfil your wishes and find sometimes walking in a familiar location is great for an anxious dog.

We have lots of toys and balls to keep your dogs entertained and I buy new ones each week. If your doggy wants to bring their own that's absolutely fine. We only ever ask you to supply their normal food (to avoid upset tummies) and any bedding or crates that they would normally only ever sleep in because we want to make sure they feel relaxed.

I normally suggest meeting at the house once or twice so the dogs can have a good sniff around and I often take them on a walk and let them stay an hour or two after the first meeting so they get used to me (no charge) if your dog is particularly anxious or worried when meeting new people I will work hard to build a bond and trust between us, this could be meeting several times before the stay and I can always come to yours or a mutual place (again never any charge)

I know how it feels to leave your dog when you go away and know how important it is to find someone who will look after and love them as much as you do. Please get in touch if you think I can be of any help to you!

I normally send daily pictures and updates via texts and WhatsApp to keep you fully updated.

Dog Boarding Rate
£22 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£10 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£15 / day
City Littlehampton
Address Henry Lock Way