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I have lots of experience of looking after dogs, feeding them giving them medicine and taking them for walks. I have lots of experience looking after cats including one with diabetes. I can carry out blood tests and insulin injections as well as giving pills and worming treatments. I have had sole care of a Labrador collie cross and a Labrador for several weeks. I was able to settle the Collie during the night for the first few days when she was quite distressed and unsettled by the owner’s departure. I also intervened in a few altercations with other dogs. I grew up with cats and dogs and regularly looked after them alone when my parents were out or away.
I have spent 3 weeks volunteering on a farm where I looked after 3 dogs and 5 cats as well as 8 horses, including a new born foal 10 goats, 10 chickens and a cow while the owner was away. As well as feeding all the animals and clearing up the horses excrement, This involved milking some very unwilling goats whilst stopping the other goats from eating the food, keeping the greedy cats away from the goats milk, bringing back the goats when they escaped in to a neighbours field and moving the horses when they’d got in to the wrong field.

Dog Walking Rate
£18 / hour
City London
Address Selsdon RoadSE27 0PG London
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size 5 m²