Life is better with pets

My inspiration ♥️
Our garden
I was babysitting with my cousin and their dog
He is sleeping on my leg :)
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £15
Holiday Rate £20
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 20 km
Holiday Rate £12
Doggy Day Care No £15
Holiday Rate £19

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

Hi! I am Sara. I am 24 years old Hungarian girl. I live in East finchley with my boyfriend

I grown up in a small village where only 200 people live. in my all life we had animals. We had dogs cats hamsters goat chicken horse. I grown up with them take care with them, love them. My parents teached me how important is give love to them . I believe in that they are like small people with huge soul. They can give back a lot of love and they take care with you allways even when noone else does.

We had a fantastic dog. He past away in February. He was member of our family. We loved him so much.
After he past i started to think i would like to spend more time between pet and work something what is really meaning something to me.

I dont have big experience. My all life what i spent with them is the only i can show up. I hope its gonna be enough for start.

Dog Boarding Rate
£15 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£9 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£15 / day
City London
Address Chambers Garden
Type of property House
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size 20 m²