Lover of dogs!

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Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 9 km
Holiday Rate £10

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Hello! I’m Matilde, a 19 years-old from Italy who just moved to London to study☺️ I would love to have a dog of my own but I wouldn’t have the space our furry friends need to be happy and give us a lot of love!

I used to be super scared of dogs, even if I had never really understood why. However, one of my close friends had a little black dog that I instantly fell in love with, and from that moment on, I have found that I love petting dogs and becoming friends with them!

I have just recently started taking care of a beautiful Akita Inu, so I am not as much of an expert as I know there are out there; however I really love dogs and being around them, they make me so happy!
I would be more than keen on having one/two days “trial” to see if the dog and I get on well!

Dog Walking Rate
£9 / hour
City London
Address A Evelyn Street
Type of property Apartment
Outdoor areas No