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Luna, Yvonne's dog
Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Boarding No £20
Holiday Rate £25
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 7 km
Holiday Rate £12
Doggy Day Care £5 / one-way. Maximum distance: 10 km £15
Holiday Rate £18

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

Amended availability in the last about 1 month

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Hi there, Yvonne here. This is something I have been wanting to do for years but it’s just never really been the right time, until now. I have recently completed the Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Diploma, along with the Canine Communication Diploma so if there was ever a good time to do this, I figured now would be the time. Growing up, I never lived in a home without an animal. Always a dog or cat around, sometimes both, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I currently have a dog, a cat, and a little bunny rabbit so I’m well versed with all these wonderful animals. I adore these animals and even when some can be a little challenging, all they want is love and attention and when you guys aren’t around, that’s what I am here for. To show them some attention and give them the love they crave when they are missing you.

I currently work part-time but usually finish around 11 am on the days I am working, so I am still available for the majority of the day. I live at home with my partner, Sonia, and our 3 animals. As I said, I offer pet sitting at my own home so hopefully, your pet is okay with a dog being around. Although I also have a cat and a rabbit, they are mostly out the way of everything but they are used to friendly dogs anyway. I have a spare room with a crate and optional playpen for your dog to sleep in if you’d like but if they are used to having the run of the house (like mine), I have a dog bed in the living room and one in my bedroom. There’s also the option of my bed, the sofa or the spare room bed if they like to be extra comfortable when they sleep.

Our back garden is completely closed off with a 6-foot fence, and the gate is locked and bolted so no chance of anyone opening the gate without my knowledge. Your dog would be free to roam around the garden if they choose. There’s also large areas of grass and fields close by my home so when taking dogs for a walk, there’s plenty of freedom for them. I also own a 10metre long lead so your dog can have the freedom of running all over the park whilst I am still able to control them if there are other people or animals around. It also gives you the safety of knowing they are running free but won’t be able to run away.

If you are looking for do walking, I can offer half-hour or hour-long walks, depending on your preference.
When doing home visits, these can also be hourly or half hourly depending on your pets needs :)

Side note for dog owners, I am also currently doing another Diploma which is an introduction to becoming a dog trainer so, over time, I could incorporate that into the time I have with your pups if you would like. I am about to start helping out at my own dogtraining centre so I’ll have plenty of experience in no time!

Hope to hear from you soon :)

Dog Boarding Rate
£20 / night
Dog Walking Rate
£9 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£15 / day
City Motherwell
Address Burns WayMl15eq Motherwell
Type of property House
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs