Friendly and reliable Dog sitter

Service Pick up and/or drop off Fee *
Dog Walking Included in the rate
Maximum distance: 15 km
Holiday Rate £10
Doggy Day Care £5 / one-way. Maximum distance: 15 km £20
Holiday Rate £20

* The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

Massive dog lover looking to spend my free time with some furry friends.

I recently returned from travelling Australia and currently have a lot of free time on my hands so thought signing up to Gudog would help fill that void.

Whilst in Australia I was a member of Madpaws which is a dog sitting app just like this, so you can rest assured that your pup will be in the hands of an experienced sitter.

I’m compassionate, friendly and have always had dogs in my life so have a great understanding of their physical and emotional needs. I’d be more than happy to go out on long walks and show affection and attention for as long as your dog needs.

Dog Walking Rate
£10 / hour
Doggy Day Care Rate
£20 / day
City Toddington
Address Herne CloseLu56af Toddington
Type of property House
Outdoor areas Garden
Outdoor size 100 m²
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs