Alice Inn the puppy paradise


Fortess Road, NW52HR, London
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8 months ago

About Alice

I have had dogs my entire life. Not only do I know how to create a special connection with a dog but I also know how to make them feel safe and comfortable in a new environment. I am very good with keeping the owner up to date with everything we get up to! I live right next to Hampstead Heath so of course long walks are on my list of “things we’ll get up to while staying at Alice Inn” Up until recently I had a dog in London so I know all of dog friendly places and know how to get about the big city all safely and comfortably.

More details

I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I can administer oral medication
I can administer injected medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters

Services and fees

The rates do not include Gudog's commission.

Dog boarding

Pick-up / drop-off
Maximum distance: 8 km
Public holiday rate
Per night
I accept puppies under the age of 1