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I would love to care for your doggie as well as if he or she were my own. Giving a service of care including walks, boarding, and play time with some training. I adore spending time with different breeds and welcome them into my home, someone said to me recently it’s like being a grandmother, you get to have all the fun in bursts of intense time, feel free to call me the Dog Mother! Have many pets as a child and have looked after different dogs for some time now. I enjoy the flexibility that comes with being a pet sitter and being able to meet and spend time with different dogs, its adorable meeting the different personalities. My husband and I live in a detached house with a large enclosed garden. We do not have any pets and will only accept from 1 house hold at a time as its important they get a home from home experience. I work Monday-Thursday from home. To confirm I will be looking after your dog solely! I work from home so can spend lots of time with your loved pooch. Prior to any booking I would let you know if I am due to leave the house and for the amount of time ensuring you agree with the care to be given. A standard walk would be a minimum of 30 minutes but usually longer. Usually, I would keep a dog on their lead unless we had prior agreement and all felt comfortable. For dogs boarding, I always take them out in the morning and the afternoon/evening. We can agree the location, living close to parks and with access to many open fields within a 5 minute drive. The garden is big enough to give exercise with a ball. Before any walks or boarding, I do ask we meet first and ensure we are all happy with each other. There are 3 in this relationship you me and of course the dogs! It’s good for me to understand your dog's likes / dislikes / quirks / and rules. It would be great to help with walks and support when you’re away with work or on holiday. Of course I'll send you regular photos and videos. I volunteer with the cinnamon trust. We have full insurance and happy to show, In July 2020 completed a dog first aid with CPR and choking programme, at the moment I am working my through a dog training programme and would love to try out the new techniques. Would welcome a chat and look forward to meeting you and your pooch.

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Total size of outdoor area: 180 m²

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