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About Brittany

I am currently a veterinary student at the Royal Veterinary Collage in London. I split my time between Leeds and London throughout the year, spending my holidays, out of term time and occasional weekends in Leeds. I live with my two very friendly dogs (male black lab and female frenchie), who love the company of more dogs just as much as I do! I offer dog sitting and boarding at both my house and the owners. I have a lot of experience with dogs, I have owned dogs and horses all my life and have working in kennels, vet placements and farms. During my university studies I have also undertaken a behavioural course, working with many dogs of different personalities. During my time in both Leeds and London I also done plenty of dog walking and boarding, having formed great relationships with pets & their owners and having the best experiences! I am confident, reliable and friendly, hopefully I can be of help!

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Total size of outdoor area: 1100 m²

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1 review

Wow what an amazing experience my little fog had with Brittany. She was wonderful. She looked Arthur so well and I left him each day with peace of mind that he would be loved. Arthur greeted Brittany with great enthusiasm every day and was more than happy to go with her. He had an incredible time on walks and playing with her dogs too. Brittany is very caring and the perfect young lady to look after your dog. I would highly recommend her.


, LS14 3HZ, Leeds

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