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Lyndhurst Court, M219RS, Manchester
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About Lanna

Hi! I’m a dog sitter of several years. I decided to join this app when I moved to Manchester from Nottingham to meet some new furry friends :) I’m very confident and relaxed with dogs, and build relationships quickly. Whatever your rules are at home, that’s the score when they’re at mine. If they sleep in the bed, they’re welcome to at mine. If they’re not allowed upstairs, I’ll respect and uphold all your rules. The best way to prevent stress and separation anxiety is to keep as many things the same as possible. Nobody likes change! I work and study from home so always about for lots of cuddles and games. I normally only board one household worth of dogs at a time so it can feel like a home away from home. Walkies and day care are for everyone… play time! All of the dogs in the pictures are long term clients who I sadly had to say goodbye to. Bit of a crazy dog lady (in a good way!) Have lots of experience with separation anxiety, fear of loud noises / fireworks, high energy dogs who need a lot of exercise, and can offer additional training if desired. South Manchester based.

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Total size of outdoor area: 50 m²

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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I own a car suitable for transporting dogs
I can administer oral medication
I have volunteered in animal shelters



Lyndhurst Court, M219RS, Manchester

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