• English Cocker
  • 4 Years, 11 Months
  • Male
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About Chief

Part of the family, Chief gets really excited when you get home or when people visit but is also happy sleeping the day away.

He loves playing with other dogs (he prefers them the same size) and loves chasing balls (although he does tease and not let you get it back sometimes)

A typical spaniel he pulls on the lead because his nose is always smelling something new.

He doesn't have any allergies


Took care of Chief


Sorry for the late review only just noticed the ability to do this. Chief's description is very true to form. He is an amazing guest with lots of character, he gets very excited to go out and explore and very excited to come back home. He is a great companion and is missed by myself and my family he met during his stay. A true pleasure to have :-)

July 2019

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