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About Cookie

Cookie is the kind of fella who enthusiastically trots down the street and makes passers-by smile. With oodles of love and bags of character, he is great company for any adult human.

Due to a tough start in life, he had to be rescued by my family. Although generally a very happy chappy, he still occasionally struggles with anxiety. Usually lots of fuss settles him though. Cookie is very adaptable and is able to settle into new environments easily, providing he receives reassurance from his human friends and family.

He's fully house trained and is used to reasonably strict rules: he sleeps in the kitchen at night and only gets on the sofa when permitted. For bed, he sleeps in either a bed basket or his crate (which we have turned into a cosy, safe, 'den' and he loves it!).

He's a small-medium dog (a terrier) with stubby legs and a sturdy body. He's eager to please and very attentive - especially when food or fuss is involved! He loves to be chased when he has toys, but also likes just snoozing to chilled music (perfect work from home companion!). He's definitely more of a people dog than dogs dog and often it's around other dogs where he gets most nervous. That said, he's got loads better in the past couple of years.

Walking-wise, not too much: two/three 20-30 minute (max) walks a day and always on the lead. Both of these are important (especially staying on the lead), as he is in the last stages of recovery from a cruciate ligament operation. Aside from that, he's physically in a good place.

Best suited to adults and teenagers.


Took care of Cookie


I basically fell in love with Cookie. We had a fabulous time. Fran's outline of Cookie's character is spot on. He combines chill-out time (once settled) e.g. just lay on my feet under my desk when I was there working, with being busy and companionable when you are up and doing house stuff. His walks were really fun because he loves having a good explore. Was totally fine as in not really interested in other dogs, but when they made advances, he was just chilled and tolerant. A happy people dog. My two teen boys fell in love and my partner, who can be a harsh judge of doggy character, was smitten too. Thanks' Fran for 'lending' me Cookie for a weekend! :-)

July 2018

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