Dog sitters for your Rover in the UK.

Your dog isn’t named Rover? We can still take care of him!

Rover is the most common name given to dogs in the United States. However, at Gudog, we know there are also a lot of Alfie, Daisy, Max, Bella and Charlie present in the United Kingdom who need to be boarded from time to time. We also are aware that you want your dog to avoid the stressful experience of a kennel, which often use cages and board a lot of dogs at the same time.

That’s why, on Gudog’s app and website, we put you in contact with experienced individual people who welcome and board dogs in their own home, often one at a time. With more than a thousand dog sitters available all over the United Kingdom, with between 150 and 200 only in London, you can go to an event or on vacation while knowing your companion is particularly being taken care of and enjoying his/her stay.

For a day, for a few days, or even for a few weeks, our dog sitters offer you various services to comply with your necessities, such as: Dog Walking, Doggy Day Care, and Dog Boarding. You have a Labrador, a Jack Russell, a Border Collie, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier maybe? Join Gudog already and find the perfect dog sitter for Rover (or is it Oscar?) with only a few clicks!

Dog Boarding for Rover

If you are going away for a short or a long period, and therefore need your dog to be boarded day and night, then the Dog Boarding service offered by Gudog’s dog sitters is perfect for you. The Dog Boarding service allows you to entrust your pet to a reliable and experienced person, who will keep in touch with you during the service via messages and pictures/videos. There is nothing best to let you know how your buddy (who you are terribly missing) is doing, and give you peace of mind while you are away.

When entrusting your dog with one of our dog sitters, don’t forget to tell him/her all the details about your dog and his/her habits so that your companion’s stay goes perfectly: usual lunchtime and walks’ hours, flaws, fears, health problems, etc. You want him/her to have the best Boarding service possible!

Doggy Day Care for Rover

Working and cannot let your pet at home? Or simply wanting him/her to have company meanwhile you are away during the day? You may want to have a look at the Doggy Day Care service and its upsides. With this service, the dog sitter will welcome your buddy in his/her home for a day and for a maximum of 10 hours, and will ensure to keep you updated with pictures via our App or any other means of communication you prefer so that you can see how much your dog is having a good time.

Remember, before you leave him/her with the dog sitter, to provide the latter with your dog’s food, collar and lead. The Veterinary health certificate is also to bring. In case something were to happen to your pet during its stay and it needs a visit to the veterinarian, our dog sitters know they have to bring the dog there immediately. By the way, have we told you that Gudog ensures every service with an Emergency Vet Cover?

Dog Walking for Rover

If you are searching for a regular or occasional dog walker in London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Edinburgh, or in any other town, seek one on Gudog’s app or website! Our Dog Walking service includes a one-hour walk by the dog walker of your choice, who picks and returns the pet at your home. That way, your dog will wander where you often go for a walk with him/her, that is your neighbourhood.

After having given your dog collar and lead to the dog walker, tell him about what he has to pay attention to during the walking: if your buddy usually pulls on the lead, if the person should be attentive because your dog tries to eat everything he founds on its way, if certains parks or areas have to be avoided, etc. For the record, the Dog Boarding service also includes the Dog Walking service but for the same price.

Emergency Vet Cover and other advantages

In terms of quality and services, Gudog always provides you with the best. First, as previously mentioned, Gudog ensures every service with an Emergency Vet Cover. In case of an accident, we cover up to £385 of veterinary costs. Among the accidents covered, you can find different types:

  • · Your dog is injured by another animal
  • · Your dog suffers broken bones, trauma or internal injuries
  • · Falls that cause traumas or internal injuries
  • · Ingestion of foreign objects
  • · Poisoning or intoxication
  • · Etc.

Secondly, our team is here from monday to friday to help you with whatever you would need, would it be before, during, or after a service. We are always happy to answer every question you might have and sometimes, if you are having difficulties finding a dog sitter to perform a service for your dog, to help you find one quickly!

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