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Millie is a very active Border collie who loves to run around a secure field or woods away from cars, she does love to be stroked but doesn’t know when to stop wanting the attention. Her recall is good unless she sees a car so off the lead would only be in a secure field or in the woods. She will find any way to come back muddy.
She goes on two hour and a half walks a day with two huskies .
Millie does bark quite a bit when off the lead his is due to her eyes, if the light catches her eyes then it reduces her sight; but once she’s out of th light she’s fine.
The best way to describe her would be, she think she’s a Pitbull on the lead but when she is let off the lead she doesn’t seem to bother with dogs, she has been attacked several times on the lead which I am thinking is partly the cause for her aggression on the lead
Human food is a no go area with her as she does have food aggression (only with human food).
I am looking for a boarding home for two / three days and longer in the future, I do require the correct person to have experience with dogs, either with no other dogs or with one or two other dogs who can socialise them correctly.


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