About Gudog

Gudog is a platform that brings together dog owners and experienced Dog sitters. Our platform allows each and every dog owner to find an ideal Dog sitter for their pet, while enjoying an easy and accessible booking system and secure payment method.

Why do I need Gudog?

Our aim is to let you enjoy your favourite activities without having to worry about what to do with your dog in the meantime.

It is often the case that you decide against certain plans precisely for the dog-related incommodities you might encounter. For example, whenever you need to take a plane, you stumble upon the exaggerated charges for pet transportation. Not to mention the stress your pet is under during the trip.

What's more, not all hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants, permit entrance with a dog.

As a result your holidays might become a living hell. The idea of Gudog emerged from the desire to change that.

Who is behind Gudog?

Gudog is a team of young and enthusiastic animal lovers. The idea of Gudog emerged from our own needs, so we are fully aware and conscious of yours.

Established in Madrid, we provide services in UK, France, Germany and Spain.

Our benefits

It's all about your choice

You can choose a Dog sitter for your pet by visiting available profiles. Compare the experiences, dog-knowledge, and have a look at the reviews written by other dog owners.

High quality, yet affordable service

Gudog allows you to leave your pet in the good hands of an experienced Dog sitter. Yet, it won't cost you much more than a stay in a dog kennel where a caged dog has barely any contact with humans and other dogs.

Nice and easy

You will be able to choose and book whichever service and Dog sitter you wish in few simple steps.


We'd like your Gudog experience to be a pleasant one. For this reason we offer a variety of updates, depending on the service. As for the Dog-Walking service you can check the real-time updates via our website on your device. Also, if your dog is spending a few days with the Dog sitter, you can choose to receive pictures reassuring you they are enjoying their own little holidays.