The best alternative to dog kennels

Dog sitters with experience

Over 15,000 dog sitters near you, vetted by the Gudog team

Better than kennels

Cheap, no cages and 24 hour attention. Your dog will be right at home!

Veterinary cover included

All of your reservations will be protected by veterinary cover

Gudog services

Dog boarding

Looking for someone to take care of your dog overnight? Choose one of our dog sitters to take care of your dog in their home when you go away.

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Dog walking

Unable to walk your dog as often as you would like? Find a dog walker who will walk your dog as much and as far as needed.

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Dog day care

Leave your dog with a sitter from Gudog for a maximum of 10 hours during the day. This way you can relax at work, or when you are out of the house for the majority of the day.

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Gudog on your phone

Your dog will be in good hands at all times, wherever you are.

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