Tips For Owners

Tips for your Dog Boarding Booking


Bring ample food for your dog's stay, erring on the side of excess.


Share your contact details with the sitter for regular updates on your dog's well-being and to be reachable in emergencies.


Supply the sitter with your dog's vet details and essential health information.


Relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing your dog is well-cared for.

Things that you need to do…

Before booking a dog sitter

Review the sitter's profile carefully, considering factors such as home size, their own dog, children, and daily walks. Your dog's well-being and enjoyment should be prioritized.

Examine reviews from other members to gauge their opinions on the dog sitter.

Choose a sitter you feel at ease with. If uncertain or curious, utilize the chat function to clarify concerns or request a meet-up for added reassurance.

If a sitter doesn't respond within 24 hours, feel free to contact another. You may cancel your request in "My Bookings."

Before booking a dog sitter
Upon confirmed booking

Upon confirmed booking

Gather essential items for your dog's stay (food, treats, toys, medication, etc.), including extra food in case of delays or plan changes.

For a first-time sitter, schedule a Meet & greet to ensure your dog's comfort during their stay.

Coordinate drop-off and pick-up times with your sitter. For the initial meeting, consider meeting outside if there are other dogs at the sitter's home, and walk in together for a smoother introduction.

During the Meet & Greet

Stay relaxed as if visiting a friend's home.

Help your dog see the sitter as a friend by allowing playtime and treats during the greeting. This familiarizes your dog with the environment while you're there.

Allow the sitter to take charge and demonstrate their authority.

Have the sitter guide your dog around the house on a leash with you nearby, then let your dog explore independently.

Discreetly distance yourself from your dog during playtime for a smoother hand off experience.

During the Meet & Greet
While your dog is in their care

While your dog is in their care

Relax and enjoy your vacation, knowing your dog is well-looked after by your sitter.

Ensure your sitter has your contact details for any necessary communication. Gudog promotes regular updates with messages and photos, so you can be confident your dog is in good hands.

Provide your sitter with your vet's information in case of emergencies.