• Mixed
  • 4 Years, 3 Months
  • Male
  • Small
  • Dunmurry
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About Benji

Benji is a very friendly little dog and has never shown aggression not even to other dogs even if they have to him. He loves to meet his little dog friends that he has got to know from his daily walks. He is the type of dog that even makes friends with cats that come into the garden. He wants to play with them but they are not fussed. Children stop to stroke him and even random people would stop to say hello because he is so cute and friendly..If anything he loves attention.
He has never destroyed anything in the house outside of pulling stuffing out of his own toys. He would only bark if someone comes to the door or he hears a strange noise. He is a quiet dog and if he wants anything I can tell by his body language or behaviour. He is a lovely natured dog and I am very lucky to have him.
He loves cuddles and attention.
Benji gets his booster every year and will have his kennel cough injection done before he is with a sitter..


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