Labrador Retriever

7 Years
Farrah is a loveable, gentle girl and brilliant companion. She brings joy, laughs and love into everyone’s lives who meets her. She was rescued 3 years ago from Assisi and has been loving life ever since. We think she’s around 8 years old but you couldn’t tell! Farrah is a confident girl who really enjoys meeting people. She isn’t hyper or jumpy but would much rather wiggle her bum and give you kisses once she’s ready. She isn’t shy but she is very chill (until she see’s you have a tennis ball) Farrah’s favourite hobby in the whole wide world is playing fetch. I don’t know her cross to be sure but I have an inclination it’s collie x Labrador as she is super smart, great recall and will play fetch till the cows come home. I would describe Farrah as an easy dog to walk because of her great recall, she isn’t interested in playing with other dogs but also is antisocial with them she would just rather keep to herself! Farrah is so obedient we have had the pleasure to travel the UK together. She loves going on trains, cars and running beside my bike which she learnt last summer :)


Farrah 's owner
About Farrah
Neutered / spayed
Gets along with cats
Gets along with other dogs
Gets along with children

Care info


Daily amount of food
1 large bowl of dry kibble with half can on wet food and some hot water. She eats when she is hungry!
Daily eating schedule



Outdoor activities

Daily walking schedule
Walking instructions
Farrah can go off lead as he recall is good. She loves playing ball and has no issues with other dog.

Indoor care instructions

Activity level:
At home with no supervision
She has separation anxiety. If she has just been given a big walk with lots of play that would be best for a few hours left.


Very sweet and well behaved. Sleeps mostly. Loves cuddles. Excellent toilet trained. Will bark if someone near house to protect but will be quiet when asked. A pleasure to watch a film with :)

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