15 Years, 3 Months
London Borough of Lambeth
Jimmy is a miniature Dachshund from South Africa. He immigrated to London this year (2019) and is settling nicely. However, he can't be left alone for more than 2 minutes because he's grown up with other dogs and people at home all the time. So he needs to know someone is nearby and likes cuddles throughout the day. He doesn't need a lot of exercise but loves Clapham common squirrel chasing even though he's an old man. He mostly likes to be carried in his carry bag in busy areas because he's not used to city life yet. When nervous he won't walk on the leash unfortunately. He's not very heavy though. He is house trained but can be stubborn when first meeting someone. Otherwise he's very easy to care for, he can sleep almost all day most days. He travels well on public transport, in his little carry bag, and in cars that he can look out the window in. He's the light of my life and I love to see him happy everyday.


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24 photos
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