About Kuma

Kuma is a lovely playful dog, he is 35KG and is Husky cross Alaskan Malamute. He is generally very loving and excitable.

He is a handful and has a few issues to be mindful of:
He resource guards and has food aggression towards strangers and other dogs so he has to wear a muzzle when guests are over as he is unpredictable. When being looked after in a dog boarding/home setting he would need to be fed separately from other dogs, and be out of the room when food is prepared, bowl placed on floor then let him in the room to eat alone, and only take away the bowl when he has lost interest in it and is not in the room. He is also not allowed toys around other dogs and people have to be wary and cautious when playing with his toys as he does get protective over them.

He uses a halti head-collar for walks as he slips out of harnesses and his collar, the halti helps control him better and stops him from eating random items off the floor on walks.

He has separation anxiety and doesn't like being left alone in the house or he howls and becomes destructive.

He eats Arden Grange chicken and rice dog food which is the one food we find does not upset his stomach, so we stuck with it. He can have other treats too in moderation.


Took care of Kuma

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