3 Years, 11 Months
medium Size
Rollo is an incredibly friendly, happy little dog who loves to be around people. He gets on well with other dogs and is very playful. He enjoys a good walk and would play fetch all day if you let him. He is crate trained and fully toilet trained. His recall is...variable so I tend to recommend his extending lead to people who are new to him. Likes- sticks, squirrels, cuddles Dislikes- being alone (unless he is snug in his crate), cats


Rollo's owner
About Rollo
Neutered / spayed
Gets along with cats
Gets along with other dogs
Gets along with children

Rollo has a lovely temperament and super playful. He got along very well in our home and with my husbands 11 year old son Kyle. Rolla has lots of energy and loves fetching the ball. He's also very photogenic if you can catch him fast enough.

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