• Whippet
  • 4 Years, 4 Months
  • Male
  • Medium
  • Brighton
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About Ronnie

Ronnie is a gorgeous, affectionate, friendly boy, he is 10 months old and fully house trained. He is good with children and other dogs (sometimes he gets a bit excited with other dogs and may bark but it's not aggressive and doesn't last long). He loves to just snuggle up with the people around and go to sleep but if you go for a walk he loves a good quick sprint! Not fussy with food either, he will eat anything! He isn't neutered yet but is too young and isn't interested in the ladies at all so that won't be a problem.

My partner Mark is usually here with him but sometimes has to go away for work and as I work full time I'm unable to care for him during the day. So it would be really handy to have someone keep him company during the few times that Mark's away.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Lizzie and Mark


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