• Mixed
  • 7 Years, 5 Months
  • Female
  • Medium
  • Plymouth
Owner of Sasha


About Sasha

Sasha is a rescue who was not socialised in her first 3 years so is wary of new people and new dogs, although she is quite happy to meet new people and go to new places. She is not bothered by noisy places but will object to having her head touched (she ducks away from the hand that is trying to pet her). She loves walks, playing ball and is well trained off and on the lead. She has good recall and can be trusted around small animals, cats, squirrels, sheep e.t.c. We have trained her to know a large range of words such as wait, stay, sit, paw, shake, high five, no, bed, walk and many others. She is not allowed on beds or upstairs and will obey this once told...we no longer use a stair gate and take her to holiday cottages where none are provided; she always sleeps downstairs in her bed. She travels well in a car and expects to be in the boot, no restraint is needed as she will stay where she is put. She is a curious dog, likes attention and company but is reserved, which can make her seem unfriendly, but she really isn't.


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