About Shelby

Shelby is a very happy and active little dog, full of character. Shelby is a very sweet characterful boy. He loves long walks in the countryside as well as intensive playtimes inside. He loves attention.

He has recently developed some sort of anxiety where he can become very protective and runs and barks at people and dogs at random moments when on the lead.

Therefore, I am in the process of training and re-socialising him. As such, he wears a muzzle when out walking. If I walk him in town or in the park he will be on the lead, however I often (almost daily) take him up the Downs where we is off the lead with his muzzle on and he is very good. He will go and say hello to other dogs and people but nothing aggressive and he is very good at following you as you walk and does generally come back to treats - he never does a runner or disappears.

Having said this, Shelby is a lovely dog and very quickly bonds with new people and dogs. He is a very fit and active dog and will happily walk or run around for hours.

The dog sitter would ideally be someone who has experience with dogs and is confident. I would of course introduce Shelby and give any information as to how to handle him etc.

Whilst Shelby may sounds like a little terror, he is a lovely dog and we are making improvements to be fully socialised again (he only developed this problem over last 6-months following some suspected trauma and change in circumstances).

Please give Shelby a chance. I promise you you will fall in love with him too.


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