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About Smokey

Smokey is a 4 month old Lurcher. His mom was whippet/saluki/greyhound and we think his dad was a foxhound. Smokey is a very sweet. He can be quite energetic but also loves long naps. He is a highly sociable dog who loves anyone and everything. He can still be a bit nervous at the beginning of walks, but once you get to the park this is a different story, he will happily trot/run beside you and already has good recall. He loves to play with anyone. He can get a little boisterous due to his teething but is quick to calm down if given something to chew. He is house trained and usually asks to go out but can have ‘puppy moments’ (especially when nervous or distracted). He is trained to ‘sit’ ‘shake paw’ ‘look at me’ and we are current working on ‘stay’. It would be best if you have had experience of looking after a puppies as we have have had an issue with a previous sitter who had clearly not looked after puppies before and obviously did not take any of my advice seriously.


Took care of Smokey


I don't usually review 'dogs' because unfair on them. He'll be lovely to look after with a bit more training - 4 months, kind of should be not quite so... (he was not really house trained in my opinion but the owner said he was, but I'm sure that will get sorted) but with a bit more discipline, he will turn into a beautiful dog. He probably needs discipline because he's a mix of lurcher type and so forth and a mystery father (blood hound?). So the owner really should attend to this quickly because obviously these breads need that taming of instinct. Despite teething issues, he's a bit a biter and confuses play with 'attack', which is worrying, but with the right discipline this could be sorted. Despite that, he's loving and wants to please but doesn't seem to have been told 'no' enough. Struck me as a bit skinny and the food I was left seemed to be 80% white rice which is odd.

March 2019

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