5 Years, 8 Months
Solo is a 2-year-old male (neutered) lurcher who I adopted from Raystede Animal Centre in March 2016. Since he started socialising with other dogs he loves to play, and he has off-lead time daily in Queen's Park and/or the racecourse. He can get excited when he first sees another dog, but has learned to adapt his approach as he is starting to understand the social cues other dogs give. His favourite thing is to get another dog to chase him so he can get a good run. He still has some issues when on-lead as he can get stressed when another dog approaches head-on - the key is to lower the stress by changing direction until the other dog has passed. The stressed reactions can look like aggression, but are a defence tactic he learned when living on the streets. With a confident handler, Solo is a very friendly and loving boy. We have been working on his basic training, and he can sit and give a paw, and his recall is improving all the time. He's very food motivated, so almost always responds to a shake of the treat box! He is fully house trained at home. He's on food for sensitive stomachs (which I will provide), and although he likes to smell whatever I'm eating he doesn't try to take it. He loves his walks, and afterwards he will happily curl up and snooze away the afternoon. Once he gets to know you, he loves cuddles! Because he is still getting used to other dogs, Solo needs to stay in a home with no other dogs.


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I absolutely adored solo, such a sweet boy, he is very cautious and a bit nervous at first, but ince he gets to know you he is comfortable and so loving, his cute little face melted my heart and i already miss him!! A real pleasure

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