• Cockapoo
  • 13 Years, 11 Months
  • Male
  • Medium
  • Beaconsfield
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About Sweep

98% of the time Sweep is a friendly, slightly boisterous dog, even in old age. However, if unhappy about something, he will demonstrate this by 'stealing' eg a sock or paper from a bin, take it back to his bed, and then growl at anyone trying to take this from him. I ignore this behaviour and ten minutes later he has forgotten and is back to his usual self. Last year this happened whilst with his long-term dog minder, and when she tried to take paper from his mouth he bit her badly. There have been a few other, less serious incidents of a similar kind, and when in a 'mood' he is best left to himself. He is not otherwise aggressive, generally gets on with other dogs, and likes children, but for obvious reasons I would not leave him alone with them.


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