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Chow Chow

8 Years
Willow gets all the attention! She’s a very independent lady however somewhat has selective hearing therefore is not great at recall! She does however love a quick walk/run and will most likely be flat out for the rest of the day. She loves looking out windows/doors and will happily bird/squirrel watch for hours. She will try to have a little run around with other dogs but will soon give up when they’re too fast for her. She doesn’t get on with cats but Shes never had a problem with other dogs...if they don’t like each other she just ignores them! She sleeps all through the night and rarely barks. On occasion she has slightly barked when hearing a noise at night. She rarely gets up on the furniture and sleeps either on the landing or kitchen/bathroom due to the tiles keeping her cool. Bred as guard dogs, Chows take a little time to warm up to strangers so they are not overly affectionate. But once she’s used to someone she will greet you with tail wags. She likes being in the same vicinity as you, but will just happily lie down and sleep/ignore you. She eats twice and day, loves cheese and also knows a few tricks.
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Yes. Since lockdown she has become a bit more needy, meaning she’s more affectionate upon returning home. She doesn’t bark or whine when left alone.
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Great great dog can't say anything bad about her ! Bought up well !! Would Glady mind her again!