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, M34, Audenshaw
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One quick note please no time wasters! I’ve been cancelled on to many times now via another dog sitting website and when you seem serious I don’t book anyone else! I've been pet sitting for many years now and have even worked in the animal industry on and off as well. From pet stores, a garden center with animals, to an animal shelter and having my own pets. I've worked with a huge range of animals of all species to name a few canines, felines, rodents, Rabbits, chinchillas, guinea pigs, many different mammals, fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles and equine's (horses). I have worked with not only a range of sub species and many different breeds but also TEMPERAMENTS/PERSONALITIES/BEHAVIOR: (trained, untrained, all forms of aggression, happy, friendly, shy, nervous, un-socialized, socialized) AGES: (puppies, teens, adult and senior & geriatric) HEALTH: (healthy, Hospice care, stage 1-2-3 & 4 cat kidney disease/failure, finkey eating, helping and guiding blind animals around, prying unwanted items out of cats/dogs mouths (like litter/stones/bones/human food) administering oral medications down throat or via food, syringing food/water to cats & dogs, hand feeding, wiping bums/genitalia if had accidents like running stool or stool stuck to fur, cleaning paws/bathing stomach genitalia/wiping urine off fur when having urine troubles like incontinence or lying in urine due to struggling to stand which I’ll help with, vomitting, bloody stools, bloody urine, UTI’s & cystitis especially cats, IBD (colitis), cancer, tumours, dog/cat tremors & weakness or shaking, salmonella issues, rashes, fleas, mange, malnutrition, special diets (raw/supplements & medicated dry/wet foods), liver problems, allergies, bandaging legs/paws, fully & partial blindness, deaf, blind and deaf together, hip dysplasia, IVDD, DM, cataracts, skin/gum/eye/nail infections, wounds, broken bones, ear mites, cat acne, dementia, diabetes, heart conditions, cysts, split nails, nails cut open, wheel chairs, helping dogs/cats with toilet going, holding dogs/cats back end for toilet time or going upstairs, back leg paralysis, dogs with amputated limbs, teeth problem, brushing teeth, washing out wounds, eye drops, difecting, all kinds of skin conditions, digestive issues, taken dogs to vets and have them collected and taken to vets by family as well, terminally ill, giving injections and medications) GROOMING: de shedding/baths/brush/blow dry/towel dry/nail clipping if clear or black I have/had regular clients and have one off work as well. owners and their pets come and go and i have worked with a range of owners from all works of life and personialties and demeanours. My job can be really hard work and incredibly stressful i have had many sleepless nights with animals that are ill or misbehaved/untrained, my health has suffered sometimes due to this and difficult owners. cleaning up is never ending with animals with health issues and even healthy animals and it can be extremely heartbreaking at times as well they may not be my pets but i do get attached the longer i work with them and even the ones I’ve only met once or twice. Overall this job can also be so rewarding at times and its why i still do enjoy it doing it and continue to help owners in need. I have worked in multiple pet households with the most being 8 animals in one home, this has proved to be difficult if animals are untrained and misbehaved. Now do to health reasons and will only take on more than 2 animals per household for longer stays if they are fully trained/behaved/well socialised, because it can be too much for one person for very long periods of times, also these animals are not mine and so keeping them controlled when their untrained can be difficult even more so when their loyalty isn't towards me. Like i have stated above i have worked with many breeds and no breeds are off limit, neither is age or size. I'm happy to look after all types of dogs as long as their well behaved, calm indoors and respectful indoors/outside and only high energy outdoors which is never a problem as long as they don’t pull or have excellent recall, i have trained dogs before and have no problem working with dogs that need help with training if its a 1 or 2 dog household or puppies that require training.

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December 2023

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, M34, Audenshaw

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