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Splott Road, CF24 2BU, Cardiff
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About Amy

I'm a 24 year old dog lover who has a passion for looking after dogs! I've looked after dogs for many years my own and friends or family pets, when they're moving, on holiday or even just in work and they've needed to go for a walk and be fed.
I have now got a diploma in dog walking and pet sitting and am in the middle of doing a dog psychology course and yet to start my introduction to dog training course. The main reason I’m a pet sitter is because I just love dogs so much. I love being in the company of dogs and the love and affection they unknowingly give off. 
I have a little Frenchie at home named Bamba and she just love socialising with other doggos. I have experience with a few different breeds of dogs such as French Bulldogs, staffies, German shepherds, labradors, chihuahuas, micro Bullys and xl bullys. I will look after any breed of dog as I enjoy seeing each breeds different traits and their similarities. I will be able to have maximum of 2 doggos stay at a time or walk two dogs at any time. I will be happy to walk your dogs three times per day if needed. If I'm house boarding I can take one dog out on a walk per day in between. I can offer three to four walks for separate people per day, and my dog walks will vary from between 30mins to possibly longer than an hour it all depends on the breed of dog you have and the amount of exercise they may need. 
I am not working at the moment and am looking to do this as more of a full time role. I'm looking at doing a few courses including dog behaviour training, how to become a dog trainer and a course for grooming. I will be spending majority of my day with your pet when I'm looking after them as they need that extra love and attention when there pet parents aren't there. The only time they will be left alone is when I have to go shopping which wouldn't take me very long at all. 
We tend to fit our schedule around the pet that we are looking after as they have a routine and we prefer to stick to it. My partner works 4/5 days per week but I can do any day or time. Myself and my partner absolutely love walking and would love a little friend or friends to take with us on these walks. I’ve loved dogs since I was little and now I love them so much more since my little Cookie. When we look after your pet we will treat them as if they are our own, they can come and cuddle while we watch tv and even have a cuddle in bed.
I have a spacious modern one bedroom flat with a very large private enclosed garden with a secured gate, where me and my partner live together. I'm so grateful that my partner loves dogs just as much as I do as I can enjoy a few walks with him and the puppers. Guest pets can sleep in different places depending on what they are used to, I have a nice big pet bed that I use or if they are crate trained they can sleep in the crate if that's where they like to retreat to in the night time. I'm a very free spirited person when it comes to pets in my home. I like them to feel as comfortable as they can. 
I can administer oral medication or tablet form but I cannot administer any injections. I can offer basic training and commands through positive reinforcement training. 
I live in an area where there are a lot of accessible dog walking routes and areas to walk your pet! I'll spoil them with love and treats just the way you would.
I’d like to know they’re feeding pattern, how they are with other dogs. If they’re command trained. If so what commands to give them. If they have any allergies to treats or anything else as to know if to avoid specific areas, if so what allergies. I’d like to know they’re daily exercise routine. 
Please bring their food and a blanket (for familiarity) I will provide all treats and a bed for them to stay in 😊

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I have previous experience of walking dogs
I have previous experience of boarding dogs
I can provide references upon request
I can administer oral medication

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Veterinary coverage & 24/7 phone support included

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I accept dogs up to 45kg
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I accept dogs of all sizes
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I accept dogs up to 45kg
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July 2024

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Splott Road, CF24 2BU, Cardiff

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