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Clifton Wood Crescent, BS8 4TU, Bristol
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My mother has experience breeding and owning dogs, and she passed her love for animals down to me. Back in Singapore, I've had 3 dogs in my lifetime: a pomeranian I grew up with, a 2 year old maltipoo and a 5 month old lagotto romagnolo. In the past, I assisted my mother with taking care of my senior pomeranian and I also helped potty train my maltipoo and taught her simple tricks. Human interaction and quality time is the best part of a dog's day, and I promise to provide that for your furry friend. My commitment goes beyond the basics of pet care, which include feeding, walking, grooming (showering/brushing teeth), cuddling and playing. Having taken care of dogs my entire life, I ensure that your friend will be in safe hands. I am staying with my girlfriend in Bristol and I am looking for something to do in my spare time. I am free on weekdays and weekends with a few commitments. My home has 2 floors and a large space which gives the pets ample space to move about. It has a patio if your pets enjoy the outdoors and grassy areas nearby. My location is in a quiet and safe environment with little to no noise which provides a safe space for pets who are sensitive to loud noises. Additionally, my house is secured with home security cameras, ensuring your peace of mind when your pet is here. I prioritise keeping you closely connected with your furry friend by sending regular updates, complete with plenty of photos capturing their delightful moments. My house is a 15 minute walk away from Clifton Suspension Bridge which has a large space for dogs to play fetch and run about. I personally love exploring Ashton Court as well and would fancy a nice stroll to Ashton Court with the dogs.

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Clifton Wood Crescent, BS8 4TU, Bristol

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