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Cosy & fun pup retreat with a fully fenced garden


Quarry Walk, G46 7RE, Glasgow
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About Eugene

As a couple who work remotely from the comfort of our home, we've seamlessly integrated pet care into our daily routine. Your beloved pup will never feel alone, as we're available to provide attentive companionship all day and evening. Our flexible schedule allows for engaging walks during lunchtime and a leisurely stroll in the evening, ensuring that your furry friend stays active and content. Additionally, our fully fenced garden serves as a delightful space for impromptu play sessions, making sure your dog's stay is not a boring one. Your pet's well-being and happiness are at the heart of our daily rhythm. Our close proximity to a few large parks also allows for interesting outings for your pup. We'd be playing indoors during the day, with occasional sessions in the garden, playing fetch with a ball or other toys and tug-of-war if your dog is receptive to it. We have the large and popular with dogs Rouken Glen park in close proximity to us and also Pollok Park which allows for lengthy and engaging walks, exploring a variety of new smells and trails. At our cozy home, we regularly care for a diverse range of dogs. From a wise and gentle older black Labrador to a spirited 2-year-old Airedale Terrier and a snuggly 5-year-old Poochon, our experience spans various ages and personalities. Your furry friends will receive individualised attention that caters to their unique needs, ensuring a stay filled with comfort, joy, and the utmost care. In our home, your precious pet becomes a cherished member of our family. With our remote work setup, your furry companion receives undivided attention throughout the day and night, ensuring they'll never feel lonely. Our fully fenced garden offers a safe haven for play and exploration. Depending on what your pet needs at the time, we have the space for relaxing daytime naps in peace and quiet, or plenty of room for zoomies in the living room.

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Quarry Walk, G46 7RE, Glasgow

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