13 Years, 4 Months
Hi I'm marc I'm 30 and an engineer who sometines has to work away and have to stay in a hotel and Dusty hates the kennels. So I'm looking for somebody who would look after Dusty for a couple of nights usually every couple of months I work away for the odd night. Dusty is very loving and she gets along with larger male dogs but not smaller female dogs, ( I used to have a husky aswell) so she is good with huskies. She is very loving likes constant cuddles , playing with a ball, she is a very tiny jack Russel , she is very obedient and is very good off the lead she doesnt run off so she can be trusted off lead (unless there's other female small dogs she tries to attack) She really is no trouble at all and a lovely dog she is also very well toilet trained as long as she gets out first thing and just before bed :) she basicalls follows me around the house wherever I go she likes to be with humans very much, she is very loved. So I would hope to be able to drop her off the odd evenings and collect evenings.


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